Yann Bertrand

Beaujolais / France

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Yann Bertrand


Fleurie, Morgon




Organic / Biodynamic

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The Famille Bertrand domaine is made up of a 7.5 hectare vineyard which lies predominately in Fleurie with a bit in Morgon. The Fleurie vines are separated from the Morgon vines by a small road the lies right next to the family’s home. The vineyard consists of vines ranging from 30 to 110 years old. Yann’s parents Guy and Annick took over the domaine in 1992 and have slowly been converting their vineyard to organic viticulture. The domaine became certified organic in 2013 just as Yann took over 1.5 hectares to farm on his own using biodynamic principles.

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Bertrand's 80-110 year old Cuvée du Chaos vines grown on granitic sand. Yann explains the cuvée name stems from the madness they bring him when deciding when to harvest.

The young Yann Bertrand has quickly become the talk of Fleurie gaining a reputation for his extremely expressive and vibrant Fleurie in an appellation famous for its elegance and grace. Mentored by Beaujolais icons Yvon Metras and Jean Foillard, Yann learned the importance of organic viticulture and having a natural hand in the cellar. After only one vintage taking the reigns, it became clear to his father that Yann’s desire to use carbonic maceration while respecting the traditions of his family would be the future of the Famille Bertrand domaine.

Fleurie is quickly becoming one of our favorite appellations in France and certainly our favorite cru in Beaujolais. This is a town filled with excitement and energy while simultaneously producing wines of great elegance and finesse. At almost 60 years old, Jean-Louis Dutraive has gained the respect of the town and a iconic reputation across all of Beaujolais while his eldest son Justin and his 26 year old neighbor, Yann Bertrand, pave the way for Beaujolais’ future; quickly being viewed as the new wave. No matter their age, these vignerons are only a few examples of why we plan on spending more time in Fleurie over the coming years.

Current Releases

Interview with vigneron Yann Bertrand

Where were you born and raised? I’m from a family of winegrowers. My father and my grandfrather were winegrowers in Beaujolais. My great grandfather had a small winegrowing negoce and was very gifted in business and was also an astute taster. If you could briefly describe your approach in the vineyard what would it be? My philosophy is simple. The point is to attain the most beautiful balance possible for the soil. A living soil is likely to break down organic material in order to satisfy the all the vine’s needs. A soil with good equilibrium will produce a grape that will represent the terroir where it was grown. The work in the cellar is continued in this philosophy. The goal is to not need to use oenological products in order to obtain wines with more emotion – more “vibrant.” What excites you most about your vineyards? It’s the complexity of the winemaker’s profession that passions me rather than one particular aspect of it. It’s the best when you think about how you spent the whole year while drinking your wine with a client at a wine shop or restaurant. It’s filled with emotion. What’s unique about our wines is that we produce different wines even though all the vines are in the same area. The complexity that can be found in the vineyard is demonstrated each year through these different cuvees. If you could say one thing to the sommeliers who are introducing people to your wines for the first time, what would it be? A saying that I use often “Time doesn’t respect what is done without it.” We make natural, fragile wines that sometimes require more time to express themselves. We must know how to forget about them for a month in the cellar when the wine doesn’t taste as we know it to. What is your favorite type of music? “Seventies” de TRINIX If you could have any superhero power, what would you choose? I think that I would like the power to fly.