J. Mourat

Loire Valley / France

At A Glance


Fiefs Vendéens (Mareuil)


Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Gamay Noir, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, Négrette, Cabernet Sauvignon


Organic, Lutte Raisonée

Their Story

Vignobles J. Mourat is located on the far south-west of the Loire Valley in the appellation Fiefs Vendéens.  The domaine was created in 1974 by the Mourat family and is now comprised of 27 hectares of vineyards managed by Jérémie Mourat, on the hillsides of the Lay Valley between Nantes and la Rochelle only 20 kms from the Atlantic ocean. Dominated by a combination of southern exposure, sea breeze, and a primarily volcanic (rhyolites) soil, the wines of J. Mourat present a balance of fresh acidity and silky texture.


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Vines in Mareuil-sur-Lay in the heart of Fiefs Vendéens rest after pruning in January.

The prominent soil type of the Fiefs Vendéens is volcanic but like other parts of the Loire Valley, clay and schist play an important role in the flavor profiles and aromatics of the wines. Both the white and red wines of the appellation are highly aromatic and structured. It is the combination of the soil of the appellation and the influence of the maritime climate which present the white wines with their fresh exotic fruit exuberance and the red wines with their silky tannins, salinity, and floral flavors.