Baudry – Dutour

Loire Valley

At A Glance


Christophe Baudry & Jean-Martin Dutour




Cabernet Franc

Their Story

“The history of BAUDRY & DUTOUR is that of a meeting which dates back to 1993 when Christophe BAUDRY, owner of DOMAINE DE LA PERRIÈRE in Cravant-les-Côteaux, winemaker from father to son for many generations, welcomed Jean-Martin DUTOUR, recently graduated, who arrives in Chinon to take over the management of DOMAINE DU RONCÉE. Very quickly the two winegrowers became friends, pooling their tools, their abilities and their talents.

From their complementary, BAUDRY & DUTOUR was born in 2003 .”
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“ Wine, a humanist product par excellence, is made for and by Man. We try to magnify what nature offers us, the sun, the water and the soils that we find on the most beautiful terroirs. While respecting the uses of the appellations and traditional grape varieties, the techniques allow us to reveal all their power and complexity and to preserve them in bottle to allow them to travel to the table of amateurs. ”
Jean-Martin DUTOUR