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Andrew Riechers


Eola-Amity Hills, Yamhill-Carlton, Dundee Hills


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


“may they dare, may they venture, may they risk”

Their Story

“The work is many faceted, yet transparent. We maintain absolute respect for the individual site, and are attentive and sensitive to the responses of the vines to their environment throughout the growing season. We carry the impressions of that sensitivity into the cellar during harvest, allowing them and past impressions to dictate our responses to the fruit itself, its fermentation, and the resultant wine. ” — Teal Walker, Proprietor & Andrew Riechers, Winemaker

Audeant is small winery located in Oregon’s Willamette Valley founded by Teal Walker and Winemaker Andrew Riechers. Andrew works with some of Oregon’s most beautiful and immaculately farmed vineyards producing small quantities of Pinot Noir and a single Chardonnay. Audeant began in 2016 producing just over 400 cases of Pinot Noir. In 2017, Audeant grew to 1100 cases producing three distinct Pinot Noirs and in 2018 they added to their portfolio their first Chardonnay from Seven Springs vineyard producing only 4 barrels.

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Winemaker Andrew Riechers topping off his Pinot Noir barrels.


Nysa was established in 1990 by Michael Mega. Planted and dry farmed on its own roots in the heart of the Dundee hills, it is slowly succumbing to phylloxera and as a result the vines carry small bunches of concentrated fruit. A combination of thirty-year old vines, eastern aspect, and high elevation result in a long ripening season, highlighted by excellent preservation of acidity.

AVA: Dundee, Willamette Valley
Planted: 1989, 1990
Soil: Jory (volcanic)
Clones: Pommard, Wadenswil, 115
Elevation: 650-750 feet
Aspect: East, East-southeast, East-Northeast


Luminous Hills is dramatically tucked into a steep, forested slope on the eastern side of Oregon’s coastal range and is owned by Byron Dooley. Interestingly it transitions from volcanic soils, primarily Jory, on top, to eroded marine sedimentary rock, Willakenzie and Peavine, on the bottom. Its high elevation preserves acidity and makes it our latest ripening site, while its steep slopes provide excellent exposure to the sun. Andrew discovered the property while doing pruning weights for Jessica Cortell in 2012 and was stunned by the situation and beauty of the site.

AVA: Yamhill-Carlton, Willamette Valley
Planted: 2006
Soil: Willakenzie and Peavine (pommard clone) Jory in the 667
Clones: Pommard and 667
Elevation: 700-800 feet
Aspect: Southeast, East, East-southeast


Cherry Grove is owned and farmed by Bob Van Steenberg, an avid opera lover who is just about the nicest guy around. The vineyard is in the northern end of Oregon’s coastal range and just inside the newly minted Tualatin Hills AVA. The south facing slopes are situated in a bit of a rain shadow, protecting them from late season weather, and allowing cool air to pool and keep the vineyard always a few degrees cooler than many of its neighbors. The soils are weathered sandstone, part of an ancient uplifted marine floor, which expresses in the wines as tart, wild blue fruits.

AVA: Tualatin Hills
Planted: 1999
Soil: Melbourne (weathered marine sedimentary rock, sandstone)
Clones: 115, 777
Elevation: 400-475 feet
Aspect: South, Southeast


Seven Springs was originally planted in 1983 on an east facing slope in the Eola-Amity Hills. Over the years it has produced some of Oregon’s most iconic wines in the deft hands of a great lineage of stewards, currently Sashi Moorman and Raj Parr of Evening Land. It is farmed biodynamicaly without irrigation by Jessica Cortell. We are grateful to work with one half acre of Chardonnay on the south ridge.

AVA: Eola-Amity Hills, Willamette Valley
Planted: 1984-2008
Soil: Jory
Clones: Dijon 76
Elevation: 500 feet
Aspect: East-southeast

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